All Detail Rates may vary depending on certain conditions such as pet hair, extreme filthy condition, over spray, oxidation ECT.... 

​​ASC Custom Detail

Auto Detailers

ASC Custom Detail we have created a new auto detailing experience by obtaining the most current technology and hiring the best auto detailers in the valley. Our state of the art facility only uses the highest grade products and equipment available. By utilizing new methods we are able to complete a full detail quicker and better than conventional methods. However we don't stop there, our interior car detailing utilizes advance systems and since labor cost are lower at ASC we share these lower cost to our valued customers.

Compacts $175.00
Mid Size Vehicles $199.00
Large Vehicles $225.00
602 361-4592

Our Automotive Details includes:
• Hand Wash & Dry Exterior
• Clean Door Jambs & Wheels
• Clean Engine Compartment
• Dress All Surfaces of Engine Compartment
• Clean & Dress Wheels & Tires
• Vacuum Carpets, Floor Mats, Upholstery & Trunk
• Extract Carpets, Floor Mats & Upholstery
• Clay / Nano-Skin Treatment for Overspray, Pitch & Tar

• Interior car detailing
• Clean Interior & Dress All Interior Surfaces
• Clean Headliner
• Clean Leather & Condition
• Polish Exterior
• Apply Wax
• Clean Exterior & Interior Windows
• Dress All Rubber & Plastic on Exterior


​​​ RV Detailing
Gelcoat Maintenance

Good boat maintenance is reflected in the appearance of your boat, which is almost totally determined by the condition of the gelcoat.  When trying to sell your boat this is one of the first things a prospective customer sees and  a badly maintained gelcoat can lead to oxidation, a dull, chalk-like finish that diminishes the aesthetics of your boat's finish. Oxidation also leads to greater damage through water intrusion. Restoring your boat's gelcoat and then maintaining it will increase the life and value of your boat.  Here are the steps to follow if you suspect your boat's gelcoat has oxidized:

1. Determine the level of oxidation In most cases, oxidized gelcoats are easily restored to their formal shine with cleaning, oxidation removers and waxing. Medium to heavy cases of oxidation require polishing compounds and possibly the handiwork of a professional. Once you determine the level of oxidation, follow the appropriate steps below.  

2. For Light Oxidation If your boat's gelcoat suffers from light oxidation, simply clean the boat using a fiberglass cleaner followed by an oxidation remover. This should restore the shine. Waxing the surface with carnuba wax as suggested in my gelcoat maintenance plan will fill the pits and leave behind a smooth and shiny gelcoat. Microscopic pitting can also be sealed using a sealant that fills in all the holes, pits and crevices in the gelcoat surface.  

3. For Medium Oxidation Although boats with medium oxidation present a tougher case, restoration of the gelcoat is still possible. As with boats with light oxidation, the first step to restore your boat with medium oxidation is to clean it with a fiberglass cleaner and follow that with an stronger oxidation remover. If you cannot remove the oxidation completely with the remover product, use a buffer and polishing compound, which is slightly abrasive. Once you have completed the oxidation removal process, polish the boat and apply a sealant.  

4. For Heavy Oxidation Before beginning the project of restoring a boat with heavy oxidation, take into consideration how much time and effort you want to spend on it. In some cases, hiring a professional to do the work may be necessary, especially if the gelcoat is beyond hope and requires painting. If you determine to do the work yourself, fine-sand the gelcoat and then buff with a gelcoat restorer product, and follow that with a polish and a sealant.  These steps are just one example of how proper and routine maintenance will help add to the life of your boat!

5. Call ASC Custom Detailing to Schedule your Appointment 602 361-4592